We bring together the fashion industry with the latest technological 3D solutions

Our vision

Clothes and technology always inspired us. From virtual fashion shows to the simulation of clothes to virtual fitting solutions we have considerable hands-on experience in the fashion industry that we now put on the use of our customers. We are confident that our unique set of capabilities and experiences will lead your business to success. We will define together with you the best solutions for integrating new simulation technology in your daily business and accompany you with every step. Our solutions, services and products, help your fashion company make the right choices with regards to new simulation technology.

Clothes and simulation technology

Many garment design and development processes are still executed in a traditional way. Important tasks such as design, prototyping and fitting are time consuming and costly. For some time now impressive simulation technology is available, which allow the creation of virtual garments that look incredibly realistic and are precise from a mechanical point of view. These new technological products are finally able to innovate important garment design and manufacturing processes with high tech solutions. The implementation of these new technologies pushes the garment design and development process in your company to a higher technological level, accelerates, improves and rationalizes processes and save both time and money.

Your core benefits

Precise numerical fitting data

Depending on the complexity of a garment design, several prototypes are necessary for a final garment product. With the use of simulation tools your company is able to partly replace existing expensive prototypes by virtual samples. Available exact numerical fitting data makes the high-tech prototype more transparent with regards to its interaction with the body. Misfits can be better and more quickly identified and fewer samples are necessary.

Immediate feedback

In virtual simulation applications, corrections can be made on the digital 2D flat pattern and the corresponding 3D prototype can be immediately visualized. Several correction possibilities can be tested without the additional cost of a new sample model.

Fitting of multiple sizes

Garment prototypes are generally produced in the base size. In the majority of cases, however, the biggest and smallest garment sizes cause the most difficulties. Virtual mannequins can be easily created in any possible body size and the simulation allows the switch between different garments sizes. The virtual application, thus, permits the fitting process in all available garment sizes with negligible extra work. The development of clothes in all possible sizes can be highly optimized.

Fitting in motion

Virtual mannequins can be animated with any kind of motion as for example sports movements. Exact numerical fitting data is returned for each body position.

Sampling of multiple fabric materials

If a fabric material is detected to be unsuitable for a garment, a different fabric material can be selected with one mouse-click, without the necessity to sew a new prototype.

Garment manufacturing

Today, information for the manufacturing of new garment designs is communicated on a low technological level, the specification sheet and technical sketches. The virtual prototype can be sent to overseas producers, crossing both linguistic and geographic barriers.

Marketing and the e-commerce

Virtual samples can be used for the representation of new garment collections (to retailers or for e-commerce purposes), with the advantage that they could be endlessly cloned and send by e-mail.

Our Capabilities

profound knowledge

We are convinced that in order to provide true assistance on virtual simulation solutions it is most important to have a deep understanding of clothing, fabric and sewing. From the construction of a dress to the characteristics of a fabric, many aspects are important if a virtual sample should replace a real prototype.

Our capabilities in this area are unique. They range from practical experience as a tailor to state of the art simulation of clothes in a famous research lab. We combine our fashion expertise with a profound knowledge of web technologies and e-commerce.

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Various Options

Today, various simulation applications are available on the market. All of them have different focus points and it is important to choose the right solution for your business. Applications have been either defined for the computer graphics community (movies) or for textile and apparel industry. The computer graphics community focuses on the visual approximation with simple mechanical models behind. The textile and apparel industry needs models which are physically justified and directly linked to a 2D CAD software.

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